Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2019-2020
Effective from April 01, 2019 to March 31, 2020
Note - Three (3) Terms per year applicable for all courses
Course Name :  
*Figures in INR

Fees Payment Frequency Amount
Registration Fee One Time at admission time Rs 8400.00
Tuition Fee Per Term Rs 14000.00
Annual Fee Per Year Rs 0.00
Total fees payable (recurring excluding one time Registration Fee)   Rs 14000.00
KG1 and KG2  

Fees Payment Frequency Amount
Registration Fee One Time at admission time Rs 8400.00
Tuition Fee Per Term Rs 14000.00
Annual Fee Per Year Rs 2300.00
Total fees payable (recurring excluding one time Registration Fee)   Rs 16300.00
Class 1 to 5  

Fees Payment Frequency Amount
Registration Fee One Time at admission time Rs 8400.00
Tuition Fee Per Term Rs 17300.00
Annual Fee Per Year Rs 2300.00
Total fees payable (recurring excluding one time Registration Fee)   Rs 19600.00
Class 6 to 10  

Fees Payment Frequency Amount
Registration Fee One Time at admission time Rs 8400.00
Tuition Fee Per Term Rs 17700.00
Annual Fee Per Year Rs 2300.00
Total fees payable (recurring excluding one time Registration Fee)   Rs 20000.00
Bus Fee  

Fees Payment Frequency Amount
Bus Fee ( Z1 Two Way ) Per Term Rs 3934.00
Bus Fee ( Z2 Two Way ) Per Term Rs 6400.00
Bus Fee ( Z3 Two Way ) Per Term Rs 7800.00
Bus Fee ( Z4 Two Way ) Per Term Rs 9567.00
Terms & Conditions (Click here to view)



1.1 All School Fees are to be paid before the payment deadline dates. Each Academic year consists of three (3) Terms, and each Term consists of four (4) months.

1.2 Bank drafts or cheques will be accepted at the time of admission and are to be made in favour of "GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL" in Singapore.

1.3 Cash and NETS payment are also accepted for payment of Registration Fees or purchase of books from school's bookstore

1.4 Registration Fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances, except where the Student's Pass is not approved.

1.5 Term Fees Payment Deadlines for payment of term fees is 10 days prior to the first working day of the Academic Term.

1.6 Compulsory GIRO - Kindly note that school fees at all times (except at time of enrolment) have to be strictly paid by Interbank GIRO. GIRO forms are available from the school's Finance Department or the school's website. Signed copies of GIRO shall be submitted to the Admissions Department at the time of admission.

1.7 A late payment surcharge will come in to effect after the term fees payment deadline, and the charge is Rs5 per day after the deadline.

1.8 School Bus Fees where applicable is based on Zones. Areas within 3km distance by road are categorised under Zone 1. Areas beyond 3kmdistance by road are included under Zone 2.

1.9 Parents who are not paying by GIRO, but by cash, cheque or internet transfers will be subject to following rules.

1.9.1 Non-GIRO Admin surcharge - A Rs50 surcharge will be required to be paid for every transaction of fee paid to the school via cash, cheque and internet transfer.

1.9.2 NETS payment surcharge - A 1.5% nets payment surcharge will be applicable on all NETS payments made for school fee.

1.9.3 Fines - All fees paid after the fees payment deadlines will be subject to a flat daily surcharge of Rs5 per day.


2.1 Sibling Subsidy - A 25% Sibling subsidy will be applicable on the tuition fees for 2nd child and 3rdchild. The subsidy does not apply to other school fees such as Bus fees or registration fees. The school reserves the right to amend the subsidy at any time.


3.1 For the Cancellation of the Bus Services, a notice period of one full calendar month is required. Once the Bus Service is cancelled, the parent can re-apply for the Bus service only after a period of 4 months.

3.2 The cancellation request can be made online via the school intranet portal (www.mygiis.org) in the section ‘School – School Bus – Request Start/Stop Service’. The same will be approved within 2 working days. Parents are advised not to inform or approach the Bus Driver or Transport Contractor for the same.


4.1 Students desirous of withdrawing from the course are required to give notice of at leastthree (3) full calendar months. The students should clear all pending dues before the completion of the notice period.

4.2 Detailed Withdrawal and Refund policy is available in the Student Handbook on the school website


All students whether in school or outside the school, have to adhere to all the school rules and regulations at all times, and failure to do so may result in school taking appropriate action including the termination of the student's admission.


All students need to sign on the student contract. The student contract is an important legal agreement between GIIS and the student/Parent (in case the student is below 18 years of age). Please ensure that all key information is provided for in the contract and sign only if you are clear and satisfied with the contract. A sample of the student contract is available on the website for your reference


All students, including Student Pass holders, should adhere to the attendance policy provided on the school website.


All students should provide particulars of their parents or guardian to the school for contact purposes. The parent/guardian should be a Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident or a valid Employment Pass holder.

Every international student is required to provide the particulars of his / her guardian to the school for contact purposes. The guardian should be a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident above eighteen (18) years old or the parent of the international student if the parent is working / staying in Singapore. The student is required to report any change in guardianship to the school immediately.



GIIS undertakes best efforts to assist the Student if he/she requires a Student Pass from the ICA. This includes, without limitation, providing the Student with advise on obtaining such pass, verifying the Student's enrolment and immigration status, and doing all such things as may be necessary to procure the Student Pass on behalf of the Student.


The student pass is not transferable and will expire upon the Student ceasing to be a student of GIIS. GIIS is under obligation to inform the ICA of the student's withdrawal from, or completion of his/her course of study at GIIS, and the student will deliver to GIIS, before the last date of being in the school, a copy of the Student's passport, Student Pass and the Student Identity card, so that the school can proceed with the cancellation of the student pass with the ICA.


A student who withdraws from GIIS to enrol with another school shall be deemed to have withdrawn from GIIS.


Transfer of students from one campus to another is allowed on grounds of change of residence and graduation. All campus transfer requests on account of change of residence should be made to the Principal of the respective campus, along with new address details.


Food and drinks should only be consumed during recess or lunch break and must be consumed only in the cafeteria. When consuming food, students should display good table manners by not throwing food scraps on the table or floor. Empty bottles and other litter must be cleared from the tables and be thrown into the rubbish bins. No student is allowed to remain in the classroom during recess time unless authorised by the teacher. Five minutes before the end of recess, students should start returning to their classrooms.



Absence from school should be supported by a medical certificate which must be submitted to the class teacher when the student returns to school. Letters must be written/signed by parents or guardians and should be verified by the class teacher. Regular and prolonged absence from school without a valid reason may result in the absentee being barred from taking the school's internal and external examinations.


Latecomers (those who arrive after 9:00 am) must inform their class teachers by recess or else they will be considered absent.
[Note: Regular late coming is an unacceptable habit and will have serious effect on the student's conduct rating. They are also likely liable to be barred from taking the year- end exams.]


Students must remain in class during change-over of periods. Students must not loiter along the corridors or leave the school campus at any time. Movement along the corridors should take place in a quiet and orderly manner.


A student wishing to leave school during school hours due to illness or for any other valid reason must complete the 'Early Departure for Pupils' form in the office. The form should be signed by the class teacher and Principal/Vice Principal. Students who are sick must call their parents / guardians to fetch them from school.



Students should greet teachers, school officers and any visitors to the school politely.

Students should be respectful towards teachers at all times.

Students are to treat fellow students with respect. The senior students must be good role-models to the juniors by being kind and considerate.

Students should respect the authority of the Staff, Prefects and other Student Leaders.

Students should not engage in any unlawful publication of any material, implied or otherwise, on the internet or within school property or on any public / private property which will impact the reputation of the school or its management or teachers.


Students should handle all school property with care. They should not vandalize any school property or facilities provided for their benefit.

Any damage to school property should be reported immediately to the class teacher.

Toilets must be kept clean and flushed after use.

Be civic-minded. If students witness anyone doing things detrimental to the school, they should bring it to the attention of any teacher, preferably their class teacher. They should trust the school to deal with a problem in the best way possible.

Furniture, equipment and other items should not be removed from any part of the school premises without the permission of the teacher-in- charge.


Students should not bring mobile phones, MP3 players or other valuable belongings to school. Important items should be kept in their pocket/ locker at all times. It is the responsibility of all students to take care of their own personal belongings.


Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform.

Modifications to the uniform are not allowed.

Shirt should be tucked in.

The school uniform must be worn in school and for school activities.

Name tags must be displayed at all times.

Only white shoes are allowed in the school.

Socks should be white and they must cover the ankles.

For Girls
Hairstyle should be short, neat and simple.
Long hair must be tied up or plaited.
Colouring of hair is not permitted.
No jewellery, coloured contact lenses or cosmetics are allowed.
Girls may wear plain ear-studs. Multiple earrings are not permitted.
Only black hairclips, hair-bands and ribbons are permitted.
For Boys
Hair must be kept short and neatly combed.
Hair must not touch the ears, the collar or the eyebrows.
Colouring of hair, gelled hair and spiked hairstyle are not permitted.
No jewellery, coloured contact lenses or cosmetics are allowed.


a) It is agreed and accepted that the student and their parents shall maintain absolute confidentiality and secrecy towards school's confidential and/or secret and/or proprietary information or documents including any information in an electronic format. Unless the school has specifically authorized in writing of any document which could be made public or share, all other information/documents would be deemed confidential/secret/proprietary and any sharing of such information/documents to public or unauthorized persons shall construe as breach of admissions terms and conditions.

b) Confidential Information/documents whether published or printed or communicated verbally including minutes of meeting, circulars, homework, assignments, exam papers, teaching aids on MyGIIS and/or other materials / documents made available on MyGIIS are strictly confidential in nature. Unauthorized Publication or circulation of such information with any unauthorized person would construe as breach of school's terms and conditions.

c) Student acknowledges that the intellectual property rights for any project, worksheet, information, writing, publication, printed books, industry papers, guides or any documents provided by the school to the student, in the course of enrolment at GIIS shall remain Intellectual property of GIIS and shall belong exclusively and solely to GIIS in its entirety, and may be used by GIIS for any commercial or non- commercial purposes without any payment to the student, regardless of whether he/she continues to be enrolled in GIIS or not. Similarly, parents agree to GIIS using students' work, photographs and videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicising and promoting GIIS and its students' accomplishments.

d) The students or parents or guardians of students are strictly prohibited from disclosing to unauthorized users, the contents of school's intranet which include parents and students contact information, telephone numbers and email addresses. If the student or parents discloses to any other unauthorized person or person not related to or employed by the school or to any third party which may use the information for their commercial or personal benefit, the school reserves the right to take legal action against the students or their parents who was found to be responsible for passing on such information or with whose help such information was acquired by the third party. The school also reserves the right to take legal action against such third parties for illegally using or acquiring the school's confidential information.

e) Provided always that should the School on its own volition disclose such information and make it available to the general public, the student or parent shall no longer be restricted but only as regards those "public domain" information disclosed by the School. Any information disclosed by the School to students of the School or other employees shall not be regarded as information in the area of "public domain".

f) Upon withdrawal of the student for any reason whatsoever, the student is to return, without demand, all documents and electronic data (whether in printed or machine-readable form) to the School.


The students admission may be deemed cancelled or terminated without notice by GIIS, if:

a) The student or their parent commits breach of clauses mentioned herein or

b) Commits breach of Code of Conduct as per School's guidelines posted on the MyGIIS or intranet or school diary. The school reserves the right to amend the code of conduct guidelines from time to time as may be deemed appropriate.

c) The student or his/her parent are convicted of an offence involving honour, honesty or public morals and order

d) Discourages the public in seeking admissions or encouraging them in withdrawing admissions from the School

e) Defames the school or its teachers or management in public or carries out unlawful activity against the school or its teachers or discloses incorrect information about the office so as to bring ill-repute to the school or its teachers or its present Employees or the institution as a whole

f) The student or parent is discovered to have misled or cheated the school by way of submitting false or fake documents/certificates or made incorrect statements to the school

g) Student has absented himself/herself from the school without prior permission for more than 15 days