Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2020-2021
Effective from June 01, 2020 to May 31, 2021
Note - Three (3) Terms per year applicable for all courses
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Terms & Conditions (Click here to view)
1.1Each Academic year consists of three (3) Terms. There will be three Invoices for each Academic session.
1.2All School Fees are to be paid before due date of payment mentioned in the Invoice. Please refer to the School's Fee Structure for details regarding the School Fee.
1.3For delayed payment of Course Fee beyond the stipulated due date, a penalty of Rs.500 shall be levied for each month of delay or part thereof. Please refer to the School's Fee Structure for details regarding the Course Fee.
1.4Bank drafts, Cash, Credit Card or Cheques will be accepted at the time of admission towards registration Fees, first course Fees. All Cheque/s are to be made in favour of "GLOBAL INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, GUNJUR." in India.
1.5Cheque/s dishonour shall attract a penalty of Rs.500 for each instance without prejudice to other remedies available under law.
1.6Admission Fees paid as per the School's Fee Structure will not be refunded under any circumstances.
1.7School Bus Fees where applicable is based on Zones and to & fro commutation.

All parents/ guardians of the students should provide their particulars to the school for contact purposes. The parents/ guardians of the students are required to report any change in guardianship to the school immediately.

All the parents/ guardians are required to keep their information/ details updated on their respective MyGIIS accounts at all times.
3.1Transfer of students from one campus to another in is allowed on grounds of change of residence. All campus transfer requests on account of change of residence should be made to the Principal of the respective campus, along with new address details.
3.2Inter- GIIS transfer students will enjoy the benefit of a waver off of 50% on admission fees.
4.1For the Cancellation of the Bus Services, a notice period of one full calendar month is required.
4.2The cancellation request can be made online via the school intranet portal (www.mygiis.org) in the section 'School - School Bus - Request Start/Stop Service' and also by the written notice addressed to the Principal. The same will be approved within 2 working days.
 Students who wish to withdraw from the course are required to give notice of at least three (3) full calendar months. The students should clear all pending dues before the completion of the notice period.
 All students whether in school or outside the school, have to adhere to all the school rules and regulations at all times, and failure to do so may result in school taking appropriate action including the termination of the student's admission.
7.1Parent commits breach of Code of Conduct as per School's guidelines posted on the MyGIIS or intranet or school diary. The school reserves the right to amend the code of conduct guidelines from time to time as may be deemed appropriate and the parents/ guardians are requested to regularly visit MyGIIS to keep themselves updated with all such changes.
7.2The student or his/her parent are convicted of an offence involving honour, honesty or public morals and order
7.3Discourages the public in seeking admissions or encouraging them in withdrawing admissions from the School
7.4Defames the school or its teachers or management in public or carries out unlawful activity against the school or its teachers or discloses incorrect information about the office so as to bring ill-repute to the school or its teachers or its present employees or the institution as a whole
7.5The student or parent is discovered to have misled or cheated the school by way of submitting false or fake documents/certificates or made incorrect statements to the school
7.6Student has absented himself/herself from the school without prior permission or intimation for more than 15 days
8.1It is agreed and accepted that the student and their parents shall maintain absolute confidentiality and secrecy towards school's confidential and/or secret and/or proprietary information or documents including any information in an electronic format. Unless the school has specifically authorized in writing of any document which could be made public or share, all other information/documents would be deemed confidential/secret/proprietary and any sharing of such information/documents to public or unauthorized persons shall construe as breach of admissions terms and conditions.
8.2Confidential Information/documents whether published or printed or communicated verbally including minutes of meeting, circulars, homework, assignments, exam papers, teaching aids on MyGIIS and/or other materials / documents made available on MyGIIS are strictly confidential in nature. Unauthorized Publication or circulation of such information with any unauthorized person would construe as breach of school's terms and conditions.
8.3Student acknowledges that the intellectual property rights for any project, worksheet, information, writing, publication, printed books, industry papers, guides or any documents provided by the school to the student, in the course of enrolment at GIIS shall remain Intellectual property of GIIS and shall belong exclusively and solely to GIIS in its entirety, and may be used by GIIS for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without any payment to the student, regardless of whether he/she continues to be enrolled in GIIS or not. Similarly, parents agree to GIIS using students' work, photographs and videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicising and promoting GIIS and its students' accomplishments.